Can German Skynex Air Defense Systems Prevail in Ukraine?

The Skynex is a short-range air defense system, which was introduced during the 35mm Air Defence Systems Group event in 2021. The core of this air defense system is the Oerlikon Skymaster Battle Management System, which serves as the control node. It allows for the modular integration of various sensors and effectors, tailored to meet specific mission requirements. The Skynex system features a truck-mounted version and is specifically developed with lightweight and mobile design. Therefore, the Skynet system is particularly well-suited for short- and very-short-range air defense capabilities, where guided missiles may be ineffective. The standard version of Skynex can engage various threats, including aircraft, cruise missiles, tactical drones of varying sizes, air-to-ground missiles, as well as mortars and artillery rockets, at distances up to 2.5 miles. This feature makes Skynex an optimal solution for safeguarding critical stationary assets like military and civilian infrastructures, including airfields, military bases, harbors, bridges, and nuclear power plants, against aerial attacks in diverse weather conditions, both day and night.

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