Cambridge 10 test 2 IELTS listening with answers | Latest test 2021

Hello, Here we are with another video- Cambridge 10 test 2 listening. Latest new hard and tough listening ever in 2021!!!!! Must try! @English plus 007

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Here are some more Informative videos to get good command over English. Must watch all the videos carefully to obtain your desired band score.

Happy Learning!
IELTS Speaking interview || BAND- 8 || Sample. Watch till end and share with your friends as well to help them for preparing IELTS speaking through this sample interview and get to know how an actual speaking test is done

IELTS Speaking Test Sample Band 7.5 Interview - Indian Student | Detailed Analysis with Band score of each criterion | Must watch the complete video carefully to score Higher Band | Click the link below.

Cue cards updated! January to April 2021 new cue card topics will assure a higher band score for you. It's a must watch video, Watch till the end!

Here we are with our new video - Cue card speaking | special hotel you stayed in | With sample answer and vocabulary discussed in the end. Watch the complete video to gather ideas

IELTS Speaking Test Sample Band 6.5 Interview | Complete analysis | With Tips - Indian Student | Must Watch the video till end to get to know about speaking criteria.

Speaking assessment parameters and band score calculator is a must for IELTS Aspirants. To know more about the same, click on the link below

Latest Cue card 2021 | With Sample answer | ☆Describe a time when you used imagination- Watch the video till end and get to know the ideas for an imagination cue card...... The vocabulary is highlighted in BLUE

Some daily use sentences will surely help you out to improve your FLUENCY IN English.

Modal Verbs 'CAN & COULD' . Know can & could usages with detailed explanation & examples through presentations! Must watch! Beneficial for primary & secondary classes, for Grammar-knuckles and all age-groups. Watch the video till end & don't skip any of the other upcoming MODAL VERB videos.

To know the basic pronunciation differences between ‘BRITISH’ & ‘AMERICAN’ accent. Watch out

Here is the next part of ‘BRITISH vs AMERICAN ACCENT’. Know more about the differences in words and sentences

Confused in the pronunciation of common words? You are at the right destination, watch out

Do you want to know the marking scheme & assessment criteria of IELTS writing test . Click BELOW!

Enrich your vocabulary bank Click here to watch some of the most important and commonly-used IDIOMS!

Are you obsessed of saying ‘THANK YOU’, ‘SORRY’, ‘I AM FINE’ & more over and over again? Must watch this one to know more ways

Want help in creating a resume? Do you know the difference between a CV or RESUME? WANT JOB IN INTERNATIONAL COMPANIES? Watch out this video

Most of the people are usually seen perplexed about the usage of ‘SOME’ & ‘ANY’. If it’s in your case too, this video is just perfect for you

These are the introductory & usually-asked questions by everyone, Want to get perfect answers for the same? Click here

New education policy 2020! What are the new policies? Click here and know

Want to know how I used to take my online classes? WATCH OUT https://youtu.be/cwxOYxvJZFM

Beat boredom in lockdown. Listen these useful ways, alongside, improve your listening and speaking skills too!

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