Cal Ripken's defining moment deserves a deep rewind

The perfect attendance award isn’t necessarily the most-applauded award in school. That’s probably “valedictorian,” or maybe “best couple”? But things get a little different when you get older. And play professional baseball. For 13.5 years without taking a day off. Like Cal Ripken Jr did.

On Sept 6 1995, Cal Ripken Jr played in his 2131st game, thus breaking Lou Gehrig’s previously-believed-unbreakable record for most consecutive games ever. And the fans at Camden Yards gave him a 22-minute standing ovation.
Ripken's record-breaking feat was more than a perfect attendance award. To fully realize why Ripken deserved a 22-minute standing ovation, we have to rewind.

Written and produced by: Clara Morris
Directed and edited by: Jiazhen Zhang

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