Bye Bye UniFi? - Replacing my UniFi UDM-Pro with a OPNsense Router!

In this video, I replace my UniFi UDM-Pro router with a new router running OPNsense. As part of this I then migrate my UniFi controller and UniFi protect onto my old CloudKey Gen2 Plus. This is the first of a small series where I migrate my home network to non-UniFi options to see what other products are out there so stay tuned for future videos where we take a look at new switches, access points, CCTV cameras and more.

Buy the BKHD 1U Atom C3558 Server from AliExpress (Affiliate): https://geni.us/3pUQBn5


00:00 - Introduction
02:33 - What we're installing
03:44 - UniFi Product Maturity Levels
05:10 - The Plan
08:17 - Installing the Hardware
16:24 - First Power Up
16:52 - Precarious Bodgery
20:37 - All Working!
21:32 - Conclusion
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