Busting 5 Myths about SEL with Tre' Gammage | The Dash Podcast EP 207

Over the past year, my SEL inbox has doubled, there are more newsletters, webinars, Conferences with a focus on SEL. But there are still some myths that we've got to bust!

Listen to Episode 207 to find out what Myth's we can debunk about SEL

Pro-Social Classroom - https://bit.ly/34COyT5
3 Levels of SEL implementation - https://bit.ly/3lQ5T2i
Explore SEL frameworks - http://exploresel.gse.harvard.edu/
5 Myths about SEL article - https://u.org/2ZIu2kM
For more Adult Social Emotional Learning activities visit https://www.seleducators.com/
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Every Decision Counts: 8 Lesson’s I Wish They Taught Me in School
Middle School/High School SEL workbook - http://bit.ly/2PgWiBY
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Additional links for SEL Educators - https://linktr.ee/Tregammage
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