Business Transformation for Growth & Sustainability | Leading with Culture Change & Clear Strategy

In this interview with Rohit Nambiar, Group CEO of Bursa-listed Tune Protect, we cover a whole range of important topics.

Here are the highlights:
00:00 Introduction and Overview of Tune Protect Group
05:33 Why Culture First and Creating a Culture or "Fun but Uncomfortable"
07:46 The CEO with No Office
10:26 4 Core Values, 3 Product Line Focus, 37 Partners
13:02 The Culture Transformation Journey
15:11 3 Key Pillars to Drive Change
16:32 Unpacking the Millenials Strategy
18:43 Getting Alignment and Buy-in - identify Promoters, Detractors, Fence-sitters
21:02 Embracing failure - Be Ready to Fail
24:46 How to Institutionalise Failure
27:18 3 Lessons form a Failure with Robotics
29:13 the Art of setting KPI's - Focus on Lead Indicators
29:49 Marketing to Millenials
38:08 Innovation and Product development
42:45 Where Growth will come from
45:33 Choose Your Sandbox and Be Very Focused

Peter Lam is the Award-winning author of ProfitMAX Your Business and a top, award-winning business coach since 2003. He previously held leadership roles in leading MNC's like Unilever, Kraft Foods(now Mondelez) and Ogilvy & Mather.

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