Business Slide Presentations - How to write Action Titles (Consulting and PowerPoint skills)

Do you know how to write action titles for business slide presentations? Writing strong action titles is an essential consulting and PowerPoint skill. It is a common point of feedback for junior consultants working at management consulting firms like MBB (McKinsey, BCG, Bain) that they need to improve their action titles for consulting slide presentations. Improve your presentation skills with this PowerPoint tutorial to create consulting-style presentations. Improve your slide design and slide structure to improve your communication skills for your next PowerPoint presentation. Learn how leading consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG or Bain create their business slide presentations. This is how consultants make slides, watch this PowerPoint training.

Interested in my full course on how to create Consulting-style slide presentations?

00:00 Presentation Storyline and Action Titles
02:57 Definition and "So What"
04:57 Best Practices for Action Titles
08:12 Exercise on Action Titles

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