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Here, I am trying to bring my own analysis regarding various political issues, in a very easy and light full way. Which, often, mainstream media lacks. Mainstream media always try to juggle us, poor people, with fancy words and little to none sense talk shows.
Pakistan has lacked one essential thing in its mainstream media that is paying much needed attention to foreign policy of Pakistan. When & where right decision of Pakistan Foreign Policy makers needs to be applauded. We must not, as a nation, undermine or mix local political motives with our future foreign policy options, so as to please the domestic population. Foreign policy is a concrete science, it is not a amateurs half time pursuit. Keeping that in mind, we have to be realist, in order to achieve Goals.
Human Rights, Democracy, Freedom & Liberty are the virtues often addressed at conferences, but little to no effort is put on them to be implemented. All in all, it remains mere a lip service of developed world to developing world. West, in General, USA, in particular, has often used Democracy, Human rights & freedom as an excuse to intervene in internal matters of Nations. These double standards are often hided or sugarcoated by western & eastern media, either out of fear or just because of pragmatism. But on my channel, I will attempt to the best of my ability to look into the details of these issues, without any discrimination based upon religion, caste, color, creed, nation & ethno background.


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