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Toronto is the perfect place to 'maple' out your future! And if you're planning to pursue a management course from Canada, this video will definitely clear all your doubts.

Studying business management abroad can be a transformative experience. Living in a foreign country challenges you to adapt to new situations, become more independent, and develop cross-cultural understanding. So, today we'll be sharing some insights on pursuing this course in Toronto.

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Speaker: Savraj Dhingra I Toronto Metropolitan University

Question Answered:
1. How has your journey been so far in Canada?
2. Can you tell me what English proficiency test you took and why? What are its benefits?
3. How did you chalked out your study abroad journey, Did you consider any funding options, if yes, what were they?
4. How does Business Management vary from India . What are the pre- requisites to enroll in Business Management? What exactly does this course entail?
5. What are the factors which set apart Toronto Metropolitan University from other institutions in Canada?
6. What kind of extracurricular activities of clubs are at Toronto Metropolitan, and which of these you would advise to join in order to kick start your career?
7. What was your expectation before starting your journey as an international student? Were your expectations met with reality?
8. How has living in a different country affected your personal growth and development?
9. Cost of living in Toronto?

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