BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Q&A | all about my degree! AD

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Updated second year Q&A:

Answering all your questions about my degree: BA Business Management!

0:00 intro
1:13 what is Business Management? How is it different from other business degrees?
2:22 why did I choose Business Management?
3:50 entry requirements - do you need specific A levels or GCSEs?
5:18 modules and course structure
8:05 my favourite and least favourite modules
9:24 how much maths is involved?
10:29 contact hours and teaching styles
11:53 MY NEW BLOG!!
13:03 is it difficult?
13:47 what's the workload like?
14:46 what are the assignments like?
15:57 am I doing a placement or study abroad year?
16:47 my career plans after graduation and career opportunities from Business Management
17:50 outro

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