Business, Innovation and Managing Life (October 27, 2021)

Stephen Wolfram hosts live and unscripted Ask Me Anything about business, innovation and managing life.

Originally livestreamed at: https://twitch.tv/stephen_wolfram

Outline of Q&A
0:00 Stream starts
0:22 What's the best way to build a personal dashboard (e.g. like your swhome.wolfram.com)?
17:02 You proudly say, you have 3 children, Elon Musk has 7. What is your opinion on the number of kids?
23:54 Have you and Peter Thiel ever crossed paths or interacted? You seem to be the 'poster child' for a lot of his public ideologies and convictions?... but some of your core ideas kinda challenge hisParmenides​: Frost, I'd like to know what Stephen thinks of the Seasteading institute too27:02 I'd like to know what Stephen thinks of the Seasteading institute too
50:11 Do you think it's ok to edit DNA of your potential kid for better?
52:52 Would you consider yourself a risk taker or risk averse?
59:22 What's that red book on your bookshelf? Third book in from the pillar (all red next to black book near middle pillar)
1:00:43 Is messaging authors a good way to learn background information?
1:00:50 Have you ever thought about going on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast? Your podcasts with Lex Fridman were great. Were those podcasts also helpful to you in some way?

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