Business, Innovation, and Managing Life (November 9, 2022)

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0:00 Stream starts
0:55 SW starts talking
1:16 How do you prepare for your keynote talks about new technologies and Wolfram Language features?
9:29 What barriers currently still exist that keep AR/VR from being widely useful in the workplace?
24:16 One thing I genuinely appreciate about Stephen is his obvious incredible delight when explaining concepts, particularly related to science. Does he ever have to force it?
29:13 Do you take part in clinical trials?
34:30 Diagnosing is definitely a potential job for AI
37:06 Can wolfram language screen for diseases or illnesses?
41:15 ‚ÄčIs it possible to change human DNA by intention? I mean eating foods or taking medicine?
42:29 Do you try to convince your children to got to specific Universities/schools or do they decide by themself without any impact from you?
47:35 Multiple screens are nice but I feel it's less productive sometimes. Sort of the same thing as multitasking being a myth.
50:29 I feel like I am someone who has a lot of interests, I did my engineering degree a decade ago but i want to study mathematics, physics, philosophy and neuroscience too. Have you been someone with diverse interests also? If so, how do you manage them? I feel like I struggle with wanting to learn so much more - I feel like its a lot better to be focused and simple minded.
52:45 Any tips for fixing a chaotic filesystem? My files are scattered everywhere
56:40 What do you do when you feel like you're stuck in the mud and can't get out?
59:32 How do you write?
1:03:04 How much do you use mouse while writing in a notebook?
1:03:52 Do you have any preferences in reading hardcopy vs digitally?
1:07:49 You should have an automatic email word cloud generator
1:08:28 Does UV hurt the paper?
1:10:26 Also, physical books are heavy and bulky, while ebooks are never bigger than your favorite tablet!
1:12:10 What is the oldest book you own?
1:18:16 Do you think of storage devices like tapes and punch-cards might come back some time?

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