Business, Innovation and Managing Life (November 10, 2021)

Stephen Wolfram hosts live and unscripted Ask Me Anything about business, innovation and managing life.
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Outline of Q&A
0:00 Stream starts
0:57 Stephen begins the stream
1:14 How do you plan and track your product roadmaps? How far in advance do you plan?
7:51 Do you decide to go to bed based on the time or once you finish a piece of work? Or do you like to leave pieces of work open to sleep on?
17:22 What impact is chinas energy crisis going to have on manufacturing? Are you worried about inflation of the US dollar? How to not worry about larger Macroeconomic events and just focus on business?
26:16 How is your ERP replacement project going that was mentioned a year ago?
28:50 Has anyone built a computer yet that is good at programming other computers?
34:29 Do you agree a life un-examined is not worth living?
41:03 What would you like to see younger/newer programmers focusing on? Do you think that the computer science community is focusing too much on video games, dating apps, etc.?
57:24 To be creative, do I need to know how to change peoples beliefs? There are many people in this world with many creative ideas, though how probable is it that I am the one to proof a science like no other?
1:03:15 Do you think the current democracies are the apex of history, or better systems to organize societies has to come?
1:13:57 ​Hi Mr. Wolfram, maybe this is too personal but have you ever experience anxiety or any other of mental health problems, in relation with managing a business and your time? thanks
1:16:38 Why should one start a startup when computer scientist are super paid in already existing companies?
1:23:04 Is this why Professor Feynman insisted on explaining to Plant Workers about neutrons?
1:24:42 I just graduated college in Business Management, but fell in love with mathematics and computer science within my senior year. Is it foolish to go back and get another undergraduate degree?

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