Business, Innovation, and Managing Life (December 7, 2022)

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00:00 Start stream
00:28 SW starts talking
00:46 Is it worth moving to the USA from UK / Europe to pursue a career science, mathematics or engineering? If one wants to change the world?
11:30 How long should one wait after college to start some startup in an area of their interest/expertise?
16:48 When you are thinking deeply about a problem, do you think 'on paper' or on a computer or a tablet or [Ellipsis]? Do you find one of them to be better than the others?
22:34 Can you tell a couple "stamp-licking" stories from the early days of starting Mathematica / Wolfram Research?
28:02 What're your thoughts on crypto & blockchain from a business perspective in general?
35:08 What do you think have been some of the most interesting and hard questions you've been asked here and elsewhere?
36:40 Can ChatGPT increase productivity? Is outsourcing writing skills beneficial or damaging?
40:27 "AI did my homework" is the inverse of "the dog ate my homework" - you don't want to be in either situation.
41:28 Visual AI can produce amazing inspirations for jewelry and that sort of intricate art.
49:17 Do you drink caffeine sources like tea or coffee? How many per day?
50:57 What practices do you use to gauge and cultivate meaningful accountability as an individual and as part of a collective?
56:11 ​What was your revenue plan and time-to-revenue when starting your company?
1:02:10 We know that you use a hierarchical knowledge organization (files in folders) but did you ever try to use a networked knowledge organization (eg: logseq, roam research,, etc)? Thoughts on the best way to organize knowledge?
1:12:08 Wolfram Documentation is amazing because it's connected (related functions).
1:13:33 I think all of the knowledge graph thesis is to give people epistemological tools and make it visual. But epistemology isn't something people worry about all the time while writing daily notes.
1:14:50 Have you "driven" a Tesla in Full Self Driving mode? It's out now for the Beta Testing, and it's magical. It's so, so good. Purely a vision + neural net implementation.
1:17:35 Do you enjoy collecting and organizing physical books? Libraries are endless fun! 

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