Business, Innovation and Managing Life (December 22, 2021)

Stephen Wolfram hosts live and unscripted Ask Me Anything about business, innovation and managing life. Find the playlist of Q&A's here:

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0:00 Start stream
5:47 SW begins talking
6:21 Can you use Wolfram Language to log onto a website with username and password and read data from a website?
7:00 Will computational chem/Biochem programs (Alphafold2?) be accurate enough in its predictions to completely dominate private R&D to reduce the costs and durations of expensive wet lab experimentation?
15:57 When did you first decide to hire people at Wolfram Research? How did you recruit & evaluate them? What have you learned about hiring since then?
32:57 ​have you ever authentically read and replied to an unsolicited email if someone has an important idea for Mathematica and/or the Wolfram Language?
00:38:50 Do you have developers that work in a large variety of topics (changing monthly perhaps), or are most in a 'fixed' position/topic?
42:10 When you reach the level you do with Wolfram Research, what steps do you undertake to ensure that you continue to innovate and don't lose ground to your competitors, and that you don't take the wrong business decisions?
54:18 As someone with a technical background, how do you maintain a holistic overview of your company? For instance, do you better attempt to understand the company's financial books?
59:09 what is your work out routine?
1:04:01 how do you balance time being creative (for projects) vs the everyday necessary work?
1:09:49 At the start of crypto projects there is always this battle between centralization and decentralization. You need an amount of centralization in the beginning to get things going. How long should a project be given before you let in the masses?
1:16:31 Do you have an opinion concerning "Poor Charlie's Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger"?
1:16:45 Do you use rules similar to those in Cellular Automata when you manage your company or your company's projects?
01:26:32: End stream

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