Business-Governance Fit Deep Dive | Hasu, Chris Ahn

In this episode of Bell Curve, we are joined by Hasu and Chris Ahn for a deep dive into DAOs and business-governance fit. We explore the differences between L1 and application governance, the challenges of achieving scalability and resiliency, why Hasu won't work for another DAO, learnings from traditional corporate governance, token distribution failures, over-indexing on community and more!
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00:00 Intro: Pre-Interview
02:21 Defining Business-Governance Fit
09:34 Layer One Governance
14:15 Path Dependency & The Power Of Defaults
21:22 Why Hasu Won't Work For A DAO Again
27:15 DAO Decision Making & Finding Business Governance Fit
40:19 Progressive Decentralization, Instant Liquidity & Uphill Battles
47:37 Hasu’s MakerDAO Proposal Explained
54:25 Can DAOs Achieve Resiliency & Scalability?
01:03:23 Balancing Credible Neutrality
01:09:07 Can A DAO Structure Benefit Early Stage Companies?
01:17:20 Community Is Overrated
01:25:38 Coase's Theory Of The Firm
01:27:59 Is This Only About Censorship Resistance?
01:32:03 Recap: Post-Interview
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Business-Governance Fit (Chris Ahn)
Hasu's MakerDAO proposal
DAOs Are Not Corporations (Vitalik)

Convex and Concave Dispositions (Vitalik)

I Pledge Allegiance (podcast)
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