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Hello and Welcome.
• Let me introduce myself , My name is Neetu V Bansal and I am your business coach, As a serial entrepreneur , an Author and a speaker, an international business coach, specializing in sales and marketing, I have helped business across India, Africa and US in defining and executing their Go-to- Market Strategies.
• I am also on the board of organizations as their Customer Advisory Member, where I focus on applying customer perspective in all aspects of the business. The result is an organization that is truly preferred by a customer.
Now Let’s look at your business. There are 5 possible ways in which you can grow your business. These are
• Your Foundations Elements
• More Leads
• More conversions
• More Transactions
• More Profits
This is what we call the core
Too many business owners are fooled into thinking that the path to growth is found in the latest social media tactic. And they get distracted ….

Instead of taking the time for a comprehensive and systematic examination of the core strategic possibilities.
Going back to our Core
Each of these Core Elements have sub elements offering deeper options to grow your business. And believe it or not it’s even more complex than we are making it out to be. For example for your sales team -we need to look into sales manager, compensation, hiring superstars, etc
And what about Digital Marketing--- And Paid advertising we can go in deeper. And social Media also brings in additional options.
• Not only do you have the core, but you have the subsets and the sub subsets of the core. How do you know what to do first, then second, then third and why?
• And how can you know for sure what impact each action will have?
• Often marketing service providers convince business owners that the way to grow your business is to start with Social Media ads.
• Really, It makes no sense that you would avoid the core. Offering a solution to grow a business without doing a thorough diagnostic is similar to a quack doctor offering drugs to a patient without doing a thorough exam. That’s blatant mal practice
This is why we created a proprietary profit acceleration software. The software gives us the unprecedented ability to uncover major financial breakthroughs across 40 areas of your business.

Now, Let me show you what our business coaching can do for you?
Step- 1--Your very own Financial Crystal Ball
• Inside every business is a hidden treasure trove of untapped wealth.
• Our free breakthrough session examines top areas in your business where we uncover major financial breakthroughs in 97% of the businesses we survey.
• Whether you are making 1 crore or 100 crores in annual sales, we’ll show you how you can dramatically increase your profits… and do so with little time ,money, effort or risk. And best of all we’ll do this in 60 minutes.
• Step- 2--Profit Assessment
• Once we jumpstart your profits in step 1- we’ll conduct a rigorous Deep Dive Assessment where we examine every area of your business in precise detail.
• At the end of this process , we’ll present you with a detailed roadmap that pinpoints every financial breakthrough in your business, along with the strategies and tactics to implement for rapid growth and profit acceleration.
• Our paid detailed roadmap will highlight the financial impact you should expect from each step, so you know exactly where to start and what to do to see immediate profit improvements.
• At this point you are free to use the roadmap and implement on your own or work with another expert. IN case you would want to continue working with us.. Then we can go to step 3
Step 3- Various options to work with us
Option- 1 is for Entrepreneurs with a Do-it- Yourself mindset. If you prefer learning by yourself, these online courses will help you understand the concept, design the strategy and also share tactical advice that you can implement in your business right away.
Option 2- is for Entrepreneurs who do need assistance to apply the learnings in their respective business. Join a group of entrepreneurs and run through a pre-designed program with both trainings and coaching to bridge the gap between theory and practice.
Option 3- is for Entrepreneurs who need a direct and continuous access to a business coach for a systematic goal oriented customized one to one coaching program.
And that brings me to the last slide. If any of the points that I shared with you , till now, resonates with you. go ahead and book your free breakthrough session with me. Simply logon on my website- www.coachingforbusiness.in or write to me at [email protected] with the coaching option you prefer.
See you on the other side.
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