Business Architecture and Capability Mapping to Build Agile and Scalable Solutions

Business architecture and capability mapping bring immense benefits to a business across a number of areas. This video explores a specific use case, which is how to use capability mapping to define the #businessarchitecture scope in breadth and depth, for the purpose of building or selecting business systems and solutions.

00:00 - Start
00:19 - Problems aligning business and technology strategies
01:11 - Need for new thinking
01:26 - Strategy, Business and Operating Model
02:34 - Anatomy of Capabilities
04:30 - Capability Mapping
05:32 - Current State Mapping
06:45 - Future State Mapping
07:48 - CRM Use Case
08:39 - CRM Mapping
09:03 - Scope in Breath
09:53 - Scope in Depth
10:06 - Summary

*** Links ***
Capability Mapping: https://youtu.be/KkYkg6OpAu8
MECE Framework: https://youtu.be/cnSkIZxueE8

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