Building Your Team UP! Pt. 2 (Handling Diversity & Motivation) [Ain't a Boss Podcast | Ep. 7.2]

Most people want to have their team full of the same type of person - the same type of mindset. What if we told you that having a team of different
types of people is actually more beneficial?

Ain't a Boss Episode 7 - PART 2 is here to show how YOU
can handle and LEAD a team full of diverse and unique individuals

Come join us as our special guests - Gab and Giorgina - talk
about how they handled diversity and maintained an engaging and inspired team
in their organizations on the second-half of Episode 7 from Ain't a Boss!

0:00 Welcome to Part 2!
0:56 - Handling Diversity
12:31 - Handling Team Motivation
21:41 - Best Motivating Practices
32:07 - How Do These Build Our Team Up?
34:32 - Encouraging Thoughts on Leadership
39:36 - Let's Get Buildin'

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