Building WEALTH using Crypto: Intro to Portfolio Management

This video is made for beginner/intermediates in crypto investing. It will help you think about risk management and diversification , using relevant concepts from value investing in the stock market.

If you are new to crypto, I highly recommend you pause the video when you hear a word that's new to you and google it before proceeding!

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Next videos will either be on how to evaluate a new prospective crypto-currency project and a deeper dive into how to play DEFI Kingdoms.

0:00 Jokes
0:50 Introduction
2:29 My portfolio
3:47 A side note for newbies
5:15 Stock management similar to crypto
11:30 Stock management different than crypto
15:21 When to rebalance - Market timing
17:28 Stable coins roll in diversification
19:42 Conclusion
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