Building Trust Within Business Management Teams - A Sneak Peak At The First Time Leaders Program

As a leader, how can you build trust among your team both in person and in a virtual environment? Find some of the answers here.

00:00 Introduction
01:10 To what extent has turnover impacted trust within your team this year?
01:59 Leaders are worried about the increased turnover they’re seeing in their teams. What impact does this have on Trust?
03:20 Definition of Team Trust
04:04 New Team Member Trustworthy Exercise - Character Study #1
08:20 New Team Member Trustworthy Exercise - Character Study #2
11:31 The Three Factors We Look For to Establish TRUST
11:37 Ability
12:05 Benevolence
12:40 Integrity
13:24 Cognition-Based Trust - Trust with our head.
14:20 Affect-Based Trust - Trust with our heart.
15:40 As a Leader, what can I do to build trust with my team?
16:03 Nine ways a leader can build trust with their team.
16:28 Ongoing interaction between team members.
16:46 Promote self-disclosure.
17:03 Provide transparent information.
17:43 Taking initiative.
18:07 Encourage reciprocal cooperation.
18:40 Respond to team members promptly.
19:00 Share common vision and values.
19:22 Foster acceptance of team goals.
19:38 Clearly defined work roles.
20:28 Building trust within virtual teams.
21:49 Finding a way to develop a social bond virtually.
22:35 Solidify task relationships.
23:40 Communicate regularly.
24:54 Question Period
28:20 A leader can lead by example, but how important is it to create a positive environment within the team?
30:17 How do you overcome a team member’s insecurity?
32:50. What do you do when a team member claims to have abundant knowledge regarding a team project, but in reality, the team realizes this is not the case. How do you deal with that?
35:44 Wrap Up
36:36. First Time Manager’s self-paced training for first-time managers.

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