Building the Enterprise Multiverse: Connecting every workflow on the planet

Leading corporations have been racing to build virtual worlds long before Mark Zuckerberg announced his vision for the Multiverse. Commonly referred to as “digital twins”, these are often virtual replicas of physical assets. Blockchain will bring this “twinworld” to life, providing the transactional infrastructure for digital twins to interact and transact with one another in a digital ecosystem. Insights from this mirrored ecosystem will allow companies to become more adaptable, more agile and more efficient. Crucially companies will be able to do much more with much less, reducing the carbon intensity of their real world operations to meet the challenges of the coming decades. Sprinkle in a healthy dose of AI and the system can start to predict and optimise itself. Assets may become aware of their role in a system and systems will be capable of making judgements and maximising trade-offs. The Enterprise Multiverse is coming, the race has already begun!

-Rachel Wolfson, Reporter, Cointelegraph
-Rowan Fenn, Co-founder, rise-x
-Rodolfo Quijano, Head of Blockchain, Henkel
-David Palmer, Blockchain Lead, Vodafone
-William Herkelrath, Head of Business Development, Chainlink Labs
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