Building Safety Alliance and Working Group 8 - What This Means for Construction

Subsequent to the Grenfell tragedy a new regulatory regime is being put in place in the residential sector , much of the change coming in requires focus on competence and individual accountability, both during building works and during occupation. Industry is responding in many ways, one instance being the creation of The Building Safety Alliance (BSA). The Building Safety Alliance has a very clear mission to support those responsible to deliver safe housing in-occupation, including the safety of its occupants via Building Safety Managers (BSM). The Alliance aims to be the pre-eminent (not-for-profit), body for assessing both the competence of individuals who wish to become Building Safety Managers, and the assessment process for reviewing the resources and access to competent advice required of organisations who hold themselves out as delivering the role of the BSM. The BBA supports this ambition.

As stakeholders within the industry, we all have a duty of care to not just our employees but everyone throughout the supply chain and the inhabitants of the buildings we help to construct and understanding how the BSA are assisting with this is just one important part of the whole jigsaw.

What you’ll discover in this session;

- Who and what are WG8 and the Building Safety Alliance
- An overview of the Building Safety Bill and Fire Safety Act
- Building Safety Managers - what this means and what they do
- What ‘In Occupation’ means for you
- Q&A - Your own all-important Q&A’s

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