Building Resilience in a Changing Environment by Jennifer Bryan

Jennifer Bryan
Director of Change and Leadership at ABChange Consultancy

"A McKinsey report states that in 1958, the lifespan of organizations on the S&P was 60 years, now it is 12; and in 2027, 75% of organizations listed on S&P will not exist. This clearly illustrates the imperative for organizations to change and adapt or die.

The degree of complexity and uncertainty will continue to increase making leading change tricky and feel bewildering, particularly when faced with so many unknowns. The global pandemic has taught us the critical need to plan for change differently. Using a holistic leadership approach allows for the application of different lenses in the context of change, thus giving us a flexibility in our leadership styles to adapt to changing environments. Afterall, we want our people and businesses to not simply survive but to thrive and grow.

In this session, we will be looking at how we can navigate a new landscape, define the next futures for organizations, work and the workplace, and lead our people through this change. Foresight and leadership frameworks will be introduced to ensure the organization’s “greatest asset” is paid proper attention by marrying the personal and change task together.

Jennifer Bryan is a published author, speaker and Director of Change and Leadership, who has worked with nearly 40 different organisations across multiple industries. She is also a Non Executive Board Member of the ACMP (Association of Change Management Professionals) UK Chapter. She believes in helping people - in whatever capacity she can - by making sure people are thought of first, last and throughout change projects and programmes. She has created a unique leading change framework, the ABChange Model, and uses her commercial insight to help lead people in change.

Jennifer is author of Leading People in Change – A practical guide (February 2021), book review on Elemental Change: Making stuff happen when nothing stands still by Neil Usher in Corporate Real Estate Journal vol. 11.1, and articles Building Resilience in a Changing Environment in Workplace Insight Magazine (February 2022), Hybrid Working and How We Escape the Constraints of Leadership in Workplace Insight Magazine (April 2022), Leading Change with Foresight for Growth in AshleyKate HR news (January 2021), Principles, Assumptions and Etiquette on Virtual Change Management in AshleyKate HR news (July 2020), With the People End in Mind in AshleyKate HR News (February 2020) Successfully Managing Change in the Workplace in Corporate Real Estate Journal vol. 8.1 (October 2018), Journey of Leadership in the Workplace in iCroner (September 2014) and Lead Behaviour in Coaching at Work (July 2012). Jennifer has presented at University of Reading Henley Business School of Management Conference and Alumni masterclasses, Association of Change Management Professionals (Global and UK), World Institute of Action Learning Global Conference and Loughborough University, to name a few."
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