Building Modern Data Governance Strategy Started with Log Management|TPIsoftware Tech Workshop

Log management strategies have emerged as the key drivers of IT operational efficiency for enterprises. Like a black box recording the performance and condition of a flight, logs record all the activities occurring in operating systems from front-end, application to back-end, providing insights into what's happening in the IT environment to assist IT professionals in incident analysis and response.

A proper log management enables systematic, instantaneous and adaptive mechanisms for enterprises to achieve operational stability. In this webinar, we will be sharing how to start your data governance initiatives with log management, and how log management can optimize your IT operational efficiency and business strategies in different scenarios.

We will explore the role of log management in IT operations and how it serves as the cornerstone of data governance and IT efficiency.

2:11 Day in the life of you with Logs
6:45 Log Management:The Fundamentals of Data Governance
14:33 Build your Modern Data Strategy Today
27:33 Best Practices in Different Scenarios

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