Building Habits of Mind by Questioning with Intention | A Slice of SEL Podcast #33

We're back! In our first episode of the 2021-22 school year, we're talking about how teachers can integrate social emotional learning into all content areas by asking questions with intention. (2:05) What's filling our buckets? (4:45) We give a few examples of the types of questions we're discussing + Angela reviews the 5 SEL competencies. (8:20) Why is SEL integration into academics so crucial to actually achieving results? How does the overlap between the 5 SEL competencies and the 16 habits of mind help teachers to become more intentional with their questions? (13:30) We chat about a series of example questions, sharing ideas about what SEL competencies they're promoting. (28:00) Takeaways.

Tools we talk about: Habits of Mind poster (, Article we pulled example questions from (, Snuggle Buddies from Generation Mindful (
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