Building Cities for the Future – What Is an IBA?

This film explains what an “Internationale Bausstellung” (IBA - German for International Building Exhibition) is:

Many cities are facing social and structural transformation.
The need for investment and infrastructure to meet the increasing demands of rapid urban growth in Africa and other parts of the world is urgent and poses major challenges for decision-makers at different levels of government.

The approach of an IBA holds the potential of stimulating cross-sectoral and anticipatory planning approaches linked to the implementation of innovative urban regeneration on the ground. IBAs have been among the most influential instruments of innovative urban development in and outside Germany for over 100 years. In situations that demand urgent socio-economic change, IBAs develop model-built solutions for future-oriented cities. They provide answers to social problems, not only in the design of buildings, but also in new forms of living together and create new ways of cooperative collaboration with citizens.

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