Building a Sustainable Enterprise: The Role of Management and the Board

Host: TK Kerstetter, Host, Inside America’s Boardrooms
Guest: Bill George, Former CEO of Medtronics and Board Member with Target, Goldman Sachs, ExxonMobil, Novartis and Mayo Clinic

With a long track record in corporate boardrooms and C-suites, Harvard professor Bill George now reflects on leadership challenges in the modern era. In his new book, "True North: Emerging Leader Edition," George examines concepts of "authentic leadership" amid today's business landscape and all its complexities.

In this episode, George extends these leadership lessons to the board and C-suite.

• How has the relationship between the board and management changed over the years — and how will it continue to change in the future?
• What advice does George have for board members and executives on building a sustainable enterprise?
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