Building a self-managing organization that supports decentralized decision-making by Sergei Anikin

How to build a self-managing organization and governance framework that supports decentralized decision-making? Sergei Anikin (CEO, TUUM) shares his concrete lessons about leadership, which he has gained while playing key roles in phenomenally growing organizations such as Pipedrive and Skype.

00:00 Intro
05:00 Introduction to the topic: Ways to organize work
10:00 Organizational structures, in theory and in practice
14:00 Progressive organizational models & corporate rebels
19:00 Basic rules for structure design and example: Pipedrive's product and engineering organization structure

Downside to Pipdrive's engineering structure?
Task prioritization in autonomous teams?
KPI's used to adjust organization for growth?
How to avoid hiring the wrong people?
How much of creating new systems would you do on the management level and when&how would you start involving other people?
Hardest re-organization?
Are re-organizations avoidable?
Did every team have their own microservice?
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