Building a Scalable Culture with Chris Reisig | Revenue Builders Ep. 34

In this episode of the Revenue Builders podcast, our hosts John McMahon and John Kaplan talk to 5-time CRO Chris Reisig: https://forc.mx/3FAyCnP

Chris shares insights and wisdom he’s gained through his experience leading the scaling of multiple early-stage companies. From defining the ideal customer to hiring leaders and market expansion, Chris has done and seen it all. Leaders of all levels will appreciate this valuable advice on culture, talent, international sales, and product-led growth from a veteran start-up leader.

Additional Resources:
- Connect with Chris on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisreisig/
- Check out Entrepreneurship for All: https://eforall.org/
- Listen to More Revenue Builders: https://www.forcemanagement.com/revenue-builders-podcast

- Don't stop looking for the acute pain point and the ideal customer
- Scaling a business means teaching everyone how to close a deal
- Don't expand your market too much too early
- How early is too early when joining a startup
- Never settle for less when it comes to recruiting candidates
- The artist vs the scientist: you need both sellers at different times
- Expanding outside of your home country entails a lot of resources
- Learn how to be the same before trying to be different
- Tips for staying connected for leaders being sent to another country
- The most important skill for a founder to have
- Don't try to be the smartest person in the room
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