Building a Robust Security Awareness Program EcoCast

Every day, new exploits are discovered and organizations fall victim. Whether through social engineering, brute force, or exploit of a vulnerability, those wishing to harm an organization or steal its assets have more avenues than ever at their disposal. However, one truth remains clear - the human is the weakest link in your company's security defence.

The security industry is rife with solutions that address myriad needs, from raising security awareness levels to managing secure access to implementing network-based detection and remediation to incident response to malware avoidance to email protection to data loss prevention to application security. It's clear that the vast array of security-centric opportunities is increasing in scope and making it harder than ever to identify the best set of solutions for you and your company.

Join us in this special EcoCast during which you'll hear from the security industry's most forward-thinking companies. Learn from security experts as they share their tips around protecting your organization's most valuable assets and keeping malicious actors out of your environment, with special focus on security education and awareness.
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