Building A Multi-Million Dollar FinTech Company For Truck Drivers!

Robin Gregg is the CEO of RoadSync, a digital financial platform that powers business transactions in the logistics industry. Check out www.RoadSync.com to learn more.

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0:00 - Introduction
0:50 - guest introduction
1:45 - Backstory
6:33 - OTR Ad
8:46 - RoadSync startup - did you get in touch with the physical driver, how did you do that experimentation and go about that
10:27 - did you look to attract certain types of customers specifically?
11:21 - what is kind of feedback did you get initially when you started implementing these processes
12:05 - what were some of the initial bumps in the road
12:58 - early did you have any situations like that where you had something go down and you had a customer call and screamed
14:08- how do you go about bringing the change '
16:22 - evolution
17:19 - growing business - transition - talk about the journey
19:51 - did you have a background in ventures like raising money
21:00 - Am sales all day long :0
22:30 - what are some of the KPIs or the things that the investors are looking for when you try to raise money - what are you pitching to them
26;31 - do you connect a lot with your peers - networking
28:04 - if you were to talk directly to the owner-operator how would you make them understand, how Roadsync will help them in their everyday lives, you obviously have a solution so just explain what was broken before and how are you fixing it
30:07 - the emergence of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology - are you thinking about that or ahead of that - how does it impact your business - what you do to implement that in your business
31:28 - is there any costs associated with using your platform that people should be aware of
32:23 - talk about the team at Roadsync
33:31 - give people a little bit of assist on where their mind frames should be
36:10 - how many users you have currently using Roadsync and what you see coming in future
36:43 - what are you doing differently
38:09- what is the product that you working on developing within the next couple of months - insight on that'
39:47 - final thoughts and where to connect

Robin combines her strong leadership skills with a keen understanding of scaling startups. She has over 15 years of experience building and launching financial solutions for consumers and businesses. Prior to RoadSync, Robin held leadership roles at FleetCor, alternative payment provider Revolution Money (sold to Amex in 2010), and Capital One. She started her career in management consulting at Charles River Associates.
Active in numerous local and national professional organizations, Robin currently serves as a mentor for the ATDC, Georgia Tech's technology incubator and has held numerous leadership roles, including Co-President, of the Harvard Business School Club of Atlanta. She is also an active member of the Entrepreneurs' Organization.
Robin holds a BA from Washington and Lee and received her MBA from Harvard Business School. After growing up in West Virginia, 20 minutes away from the midpoint of the Appalachian Trail, she now calls Atlanta home.
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