Build Resumable Apps with Qwik

Qwik lets us build "resumable apps" by requiring nearly zero JavaScript for pages to become interactive + fine-grained lazy loading to only load what's used. Miško Hevery will teach us how to get started.

0:00:00 - Welcome
0:00:34 - Guest introduction
0:09:17 - How do you describe what Qwik does?
0:17:59 - Closures vs functions
0:23:14 - Does HTML size increase?
0:28:30 - Is there a way to manage latency for mobile browsers?
0:37:53 - How do I get started building with Qwik?
0:44:15 - Is the listener declared in the HTML input itself?
1:00:29 - Starting from scratch
1:20:02 - Checking out the Network tab
1:23:16 - Is there a router shipped with Qwik?
1:28:03 - Where to find out more


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