Build A Facility Maintenance App with Microsoft Power Apps

This session is part of the LowCode October series where you learn how you can use applications and services in Power Platform to accelerate digital transformation of business processes. In this series, we will walk you through how to create a Facility Maintenance Application Using Microsoft Power Apps, automate the notification process with Microsoft Power Automate, and Analyze the data with Microsoft Power BI.

Power Platform skill is a valuable skill that will open doors for you in your career

Visit the link for more details on your onboarding: https://aka.ms/BuildFacilityMaintenanceApp

What is the session about?

Facility maintenance is an important culture to achieve an excellent and conducive buildings on campuses. This includes lecture theaters, roads on campuses, Laboratory, etc.
The cost of maintenance is relatively cheaper to building a new structure or constructing a new road. If well maintained, these structures and constructions will serve longer and save the university cost.
This application will allow students and university employees to report damages seen in their classrooms and other facilities on campus. It gives the University Facility Maintenance a proactive means to keep the facilities up and running.
In this session, You will learn

How to design a database for a define project
How to build a Power Apps application with the ability to upload picture
How to add multiple screen to Power Apps Application
How to View uploaded pictures directly within Power Apps
How to Share your Application with others
and many more
Who is it aimed at?

This session is for students, early career and professionals who is interested in learning a skill that can accelerate their career.
If you are interested in what Power Platform can do, this session is for you.


To follow along, you need to access the onboarding resources here: https://aka.ms/BuildFacilityMaintenanceApp

You will need to have a Microsoft Power Platform License. We get you covered in case you don't have this click here https://aka.ms/BuildFacilityMaintenanceApp to setup a Microsoft Developer Account and a Microsoft Power Apps Developer Account. This will give you access to all the services and Licenses you will need to follow along and build your own solution.


Someleze Diko
I am a young, passionate individual who has always been involved with initiatives that seek to upskill people from all walks of life with the ability to use technology to better themselves in the way that they live and work. Today, I am a Power Platform Cloud Advocate at Microsoft focusing on making the Power Platform space amazing for citizen and professional developers of all backgrounds.

Olanrewaju Oyinbooke
Olanrewaju is a Microsoft Senior Academic Cloud Advocate, Data Management Expert, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Analyst and Power Platform Evangelist with over six (6) years of freelance and corporate experience spanning across Education, FinTech, and InsurTech space.

He is passionate about fixing the technical skill gap needed to accelerate Africa’s growth. Before joining Microsoft, Olanrewaju led the Data Management Office of a Multinational Insurance Company where he oversees the Data Science Team, Data Governance, Data Quality and Maturity Team as well as drive automation initiative across the organization.

Olanrewaju was a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Certified Trainer, and Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) with over 10 relevant Microsoft Certifications, he is now a Microsoft Cloud Advocate and an active leader in Microsoft Power User Group in Nigeria

Moderator: Favour Adeshina
Favour is a Power Platform Developer Advocate. Passionate about empowering students and recent graduates with technology, Favour works with teams around the globe to host and speak at events on topics related to AI, Low-Code Development, Cloud Computing and other soft skills. Favour is an active tech community leader who have led several student communities such as Google Developer Student Club, Codecademy Student Communities and even Microsoft communities in his campus. He is also the current leader for Power Platform User Group Ado-Ekiti.
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