Build A Career In Product Management Ft Mayur Arora from Microsoft

Mayur Arora, Product Manager at Microsoft, is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and worked with Dell as a Software Engineer for 3 years before choosing to pursue an MBA and a career in Product Management.

Watch this session to find out about:

- Career growth in Product Management.

- Why Product Managers make great CEOs.

-  Why MBA is the best way to begin a career in Product Management? 

- Tips for profile building, skill sets to have, and more.

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Here are the Time Chapters:

0:00 to 1:13 Introduction

1:30 to 2:30 Mayur's career trajectory from software engineering to Product Management

2:31 to 4:03 Roles and Responsibilities of a PM

4:04 to 5:20 Difference between Brand Manager and Product Manager

5:21 to 6:20 Key expectations from a PM

6:21 to 9:32 Typical day for a PM at Microsoft

10:22 to 13:04 Chances of being hired by an IT firm with a non-IT background

13:11 to 18:46 Skills to have in order to excel in Product Management

18:47 to 20:50 How different is a PM's role in the FMCG industry?

20:51 to 26:01 What kind of profiles get selected by the recruiters 

26:02 to 27:17  Product Manager works on multiple projects or a single project at a time

27:18 to 29:03 a Career path in Product Management and where to begin a career 

29:40 to 31:16 can a PM become a CEO?

31:17 to 34:07 Profile building tips

35:58 to 40:25 Why should you pursue an MBA 

40:26 to 43:06 Remuneration and perks in Product Management

43:07 to 44:20 Books recommended for Product Management

44:21 to 46:00 Tips for CAT takers
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