Brilliant Time Management Tips for Clean & ORGANIZED Home | 1 घंटे में अब पूरे घर को कैसे सम्भाले ✅

15 Brilliant Time Saving Home & Kitchen Tips/Hacks/Ideas | घर के सारे काम करे बिना मेहनत कम टाइम में
Einstein game-
doll planter-
jute mat -
Borosil pan-
glass jug-
Scotch Brite Microfiber-
Butterfly Chopper-
dish drying rack -
3tier white rack-
Spoon Rest-
milk cup-
Cups organizer- Wooden cup holder -
Sponge rack -

Artificial plants-
my fav products
1.duster - duster-
3.Microfiber -
4.hand brush-
6.spray bottle-
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over the door organizer-
Kurta organizer-
Jewellery organizer-
lemon squeezer-
cotton kitchen towel-
spray bottle-
cleaning Brush -
3 tier rack -
Bamboo basket similar to mine -
Fridge Magnet Board -
Colourful clips of my kitchen-
Sponge rack -
White Metal 2 tier rack-
Plate rack-
Black metal rack -
Kitchen microfibres-
Roti towel -
Pizza cutter-
Kitchen plastic rack -
Basket with lid -
Kitchen sink rack-
Tea and sugar containers similar to mine-
Spoon holder similar to mine-
Plastic organiser -
4 compartment holder box -
Wooden cup holder -
Tea cups set of 6 -
Chopping wooden board -
Fruit basket set of 3 -
Ceramic pickle jars -
Food clips -
Sandwich maker cello -
Ifb microwave -
cleaning tools I use
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