Bridging the Facility Management Gap with PropTech - with Ife Makinde

Tech Infiltration into the built sector has been on the increase for the past few decades. However, a lot of the tech buzz seems to revolve around the design and delivery of built assets.

For Developers, Real Estate/Facility Managers, their interests lie more on the final outcome - the properties. This has brought about a fast-rising sect known as PropTech.

- But what exactly is PropTech?
- How can PropTech reduce the Operational expenditure of built assets?
- How can PropTech enhance user experience in our facilities?
- What are the popular PropTech solutions in Africa?

These are some of the questions we addressed in this edition of The Blaze Connected Construction Series - a bi-weekly tech talk by Blaze Inc.

Our guest for this edition is Ife Makinde, a member of PropTech Nigeria.

Host: Onyema Udeze
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