BreweryBoss Trailer

Be the boss of your own brewery empire!

You are the boss of a startup brewery.

Your customers will want to order certain beer styles, and you will need to learn them. Once you learn the recipe, your brewery will automatically start fulfilling customers' orders.

A pretty chill game. It's part idler and part management sim.

Keep learning new brewing recipes to keep your customers served. Discover ways to improve the quality of your beer so that you can sell it for more.

Optimize your brewery for the fastest growth possible. Eventually your brewery will reach it's full potential, and it's time for you to open another one. Keep repeating to grow your brewery empire. Each new brewery brings new discoveries and passive income.

BreweryBoss is a fair priced game. You won't find cash grab micro transactions of any kind. Ever. It's free to play with ads. And, if you are having fun, you can make a one-time purchase to remove all ads forever and gain game bonuses forever.

I am a solo, indie dev that just loves making games. I hope you enjoy this one, but if you have any issues, please reach out at [email protected]

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