Breaking Analysis: Snowflake Summit will reveal the future of data apps...here's our take

Our research and analysis points to a new modern data stack that is emerging where apps will be built from a coherent set of data elements that can be composed at scale. Demand for these apps will come from organizations that wish to create a digital twin of their business to represent people, places, things, and the activities that connect them, to drive new levels of productivity and monetization. Further, we expect Snowflake, at its upcoming conference, will expose its vision to be the best platform on which to develop this new breed of data apps. In our view, Snowflake is significantly ahead of the pack but faces key decision points along the way to its future to protect this lead.

In this Breaking Analysis and ahead of Snowflake Summit later this month, we lay out a likely path for Snowflake to execute on this vision; and we address the milestones and challenges of getting there. As always, we’ll look at what the ETR data tells us about the current state of the market. To do all this we welcome back CUBE contributor, George Gilbert.

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