Brand Activation Event - Fall 2021

Brand Activation Event is a Final Project assigned to my Media Branding students. The groups of students have to work on their respective brands in order to plan and execute different Medias to promote the brand. They also organize a Brand Activation Event for which the design and implement the activation campaign as per the brand persona. For this purpose they use various tactics on social media for promotion of their event and create hype.

During this event they work as per their assigned job role. This event develops the understanding in students of using suitable Medias in branding. For this class lectures and videos are not enough to get the exact feel of how it works in organization. Therefore the students have to organize Brand Activation Event where they not only learn Brand Management skills but also learn Event Management tactics. As for promoting the event Social Media ideas and content generation is exposed to the audience which is another important learning of this project.

With this the students learn to develop communications and creativity such as event teasers, event posters, banners, buntings and kiosk designing. Also their public dealing skills are improved as they deal with a huge numbers of visitors at their brand kiosk.

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