Bored people quit: How to motivate high performing teams

This is a recording of a live session with our partners over at Donut. In this session, Brennan McEachran, CEO and Co-Founder of Hypercontext teams up with Donut's Customer and Employee Experience leader, Courtney Stratton.

In this session, Brennan and Courtney cover:
0:00 - Intro
2:43 - What makes work interesting
3:46 - Office dogs vs. office puppies
4:46 - BJ Fogg's Behavior Model and Nir Eyal's Hook Model
11:50 - Nir Eya's variable reward types: The tribe, the hunt, and the self
15:44 - 4 Examples of variable rewards in the workplace
18:40 - The importance of explicitly asking your team what motivates them and psychological safety at work
20:40 - How to create space for spontaneous connections
25:00 - The business case for human connection at work
27:19 - Creating the right conditions for serendipity
35:04 - How Twilio created a grassroots connection program
38:10 - Q&A

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