Boost Control: How to map your boost against gear | TECHNICALLY SPEAKING

With the restrictions on outdoor activities lifting Scotty finally gets a chance to take Dave's EVO for a spin and explain all the different boost control options available to you on an aftermarket ECU. With the car on a dyno we then get to see how to correctly set up the "Boost by Gear" function and how it works in real life.
This is a long video, if you want to jump into a particular section, use the shortcuts below:
00:00 - intro
00:00 - why you need boost control
03:10 - different types of boost control
04:40 - setting up boost by gear
11:30 - setting up target boost levels
18:00 - setting up long term trim tables
22:50 - data logging setup for the dyno runs
24:00 - dyno runs
32:00 - wrap-up
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