[Book Launch] From Piloting to Policy

Designing policies as experiments offers a promising tool for governments to pre-test policies and learn from them, before launching these fully. While this is well acknowledged in theory, there are several challenges in realizing the potential of policy experiments to do so in practice. Addressing these challenges asks for a deeper understanding of the design of policy experiments, their scaling-up and processes towards their potential mainstreaming into routine policymaking.

A widely studied outcome of a pilot and an indicator of its success is in terms of whether the pilot expanded geographically or not, without probing into the range of types and forms of pilots that could survive in between these extremes and still contribute to improved policy designs. In this webinar, Dr Sreeja Nair will share findings from her new book ‘Rethinking Policy Piloting: insights from Indian agriculture’ (Cambridge University Press) on how design features of pilots are found to influence their policy translation. The discussion will be supported with observations from the field and interviews with policymakers in India for selected agricultural risk management pilots.

The webinar will be chaired by Prof Benjamin Cashore and intends to stimulate ideas on untangling the complexity of policy piloting. In a discussion style this webinar will cover some common perceptions and dilemmas surrounding the theoretical and practical aspects of piloting focusing on four key themes:
- Are all policies inherently experimental?
- How are experiments conceptualized in policy sciences?
- Politics of policy experimentation
- Policy learning following experimentation

Dr Sreeja Nair, Assistant Professor, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

Prof Benjamin Cashore, Li Ka Shing Professor in Public Management, Director of Initiative to create the Lee Kuan Yew School’s Public Policy Institute for Environment and Sustainability and Co-Director, Institute of Water Policy, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

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