Bodywork with Chun (by Jimmy Wong)

Jimmy is a Fascia Manipulations Bodyworker who was trained in the school of Anatomy Trains Australia and New Zealand. His work specializes in soft tissue manual therapy for postural issues, movement dysfunctions, chronic pain management, etc.

Movements created by the human body has always been a fascinating and intriguing subject for me. This paved the way for my quest in strategies for healing and freeing the body. After my training in the school of Anatomy Trains in Australia, I gained a much more profound knowledge in skeletal anatomy and fascia manipulations. Fascia manipulations, or Structural Bodywork, is a manual therapy that has been helping my clients with postural issues, movement dysfunctions, and chronic pain management.

What is fascia?
Fascia is a connective tissue that exists everywhere in the body. It is a connective tissue that wraps around, and “links” the skeletal muscles. A healthy layer of fascia is a sheet that is elastic, supple and hydrated. Efficient movements require healthy layers of fascia to glide along each other smoothly. Fascia is also filled with nerve endings. So when the quality of the fascia changes - perhaps becoming tight and adhered due to overuse/underuse or trauma - the efficiency of fascial movement decreases, and that’s when the sensation of stiffness, the occurrence of chronic pain, and compensatory postural/movement patterns arise.

Structural Bodywork and fascia
Structural Bodywork is a holistic system of superficial and deep manual therapy which aims at bringing changes to the connective tissue, or fascia, and therefore bringing better structural balance to the whole body. Its technique manipulates and releases the connective tissue, reshaping, unwinding and realigning the body to a more optimal postural environment (static) and giving the body a more efficient movement pattern (dynamic).
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