BMW Dynamic ESA Explained, Plus... Damping Modes, Riding Modes and 6 axis IMU - Part 2

Dynamic ESA: What is it ? How does it work ? How do we get the most from BMW Dynamic ESA and DDC systems on our motorbikes, but most importantly what do all the buttons do when we press or select them ?.

This is Part 2: Dynamic ESA Explained: will be covered over TWO episodes

Part 3 will specifically cover the 7 - Riding Modes and what each mode does in relation to ABS, DTC and power delivery.

If you have any questions about what I cover in this episode, let me know in the comments section and I will reply to you.

My aim is to release one new episode approximately every 2/3 weeks, sometimes a little sooner, and currently I am working on the “Michelin Adventure Tyres” episode and the “Tour of Norway” episodes, and on the light / indicator kits that solve the Multifunction issues many of us owners have.

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00:00 Start
01:41 Riding Modes
04:20 ECO & RAIN Mode
05:56 Compression & Rebound ?
10:13 ROAD & DYNAMIC Mode
11:25 Damping Mode Button
13:13 Damping Preset Chart
14:37 IMU Explained
21:55 Overview
24:30 New Exciting Product
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