BMW (Bio-Medical Waste ) Defination Types and categories Of waste management Microbiology & FON

Hello students welcome to the psychic Nurse in this video we're discussing a very important topic Bio-Medical Waste.
this topic have a valuable asset in microbiology and fundamental of nursing/Nursing foundation
BMW Bio-Medical Waste
what is biomedical waste
bio medical waste kya hota h
Bio medical waste in microbiology
bio medical waste in fundamental of nursing/ Nursing foundation.
microbiology for bsc nursing students
Bsc nursing 1st year
Bio medical waste in hospital bsc nursing
.This Biomedical waste management lecture topics to be covered
(1) What is BIomedical Waste.
(2) Segregation of waste
(3) Categories of waste
(4) Colour bins of waste disposal
(5) Waste disposal


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