Blockchain and the Future of Education

Welcome to the third episode of The Path Forward with Dr. Rick Fernandez joined by Natalie Smolenski, Chairman of the Board of the Texas Blockchain Council. Today’s discussion includes topics of Blockchain technology, blockchain integration in education and credentials, the future of Blockchain, and the future of education with a focus on problem focused learning. Please listen as Natalie Smolenski shares her experience and expertise discovering blockchain and the advancements in more than just crypto. Please take a moment to like, comment, and subscribe!

Time Stamps & Show Notes:
(0:00 - 0:55) Intro
(0:55 – 6:07) Natalie’s Life Pre-Blockchain
(6:07 - 10:27) Natalie’s Introduction into Blockchain
(10:27 - 12:10) The Founding of Texas Blockchain Council
(12:10 - 14:10) Blockchain’s Current Use Cases
(14:10 – 16:24) Blockchain’s Future Use Cases
(16:24 - 24:37) University of Austin’s Founding
(24:37 - 33:22) Redefining Education’s Value in the Future
(33:22 - 34:20) Casual Closing Conversation
(34:20 - 35:55) Closing Thoughts and Outro
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