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* Blender 3.0
* Sprite Fright

* Node Editor: Introduce color overlay and dashed wires theme setting
* Nodes: support transparency for link highlight color
* Node Editor: Style update to nodes
* Remove implicit realizing and conversion
* Make Random ID a builtin attribute, remove sockets
* Sort Children in Collection Info
* Fields version of the raycast node
* Fields version of Curve to Points node
* Replace String node
* add Boolean and Integer Input nodes
* Add Instances to Points Node
* Get and set nodes for ID attribute
* Add Magic
* Add Wave
* Add Checker Texture
* Add Brick
* new Image
* Add Image Socket to Switch Node
* Optimise Voronoi
* Add "Fill Caps" option to curve to mesh node
* Update bounding box to work on individual instances
* Handle multiple grids in the volume to mesh node
* Attribute search in the modifier
* use vector socket for offset in Set Position node
* change default raycast direction
* Rename node "String Substring"
* improve check if object has geometry set instances
* support viewing field values in spreadsheet
* Rename some sockets
* use true as default in Set Shade Smooth node
* Point cloud selection support

* Enable material and world assets by default
* Snapping with visual feedback while dragging
* Drop object assets and associated objects at the cursor location
* Show current file assets in other asset libraries if contained
* Filter options for specific ID types
* Show disabled-hint when dragging external assets over catalog
* Support dragging catalogs to move them in the hierarchy
* Ensure parent catalogs are expanded when adding child
* UI polish for the asset metadata sidebar
* Add Author field to asset metadata
* Improve hint for asset library that isn't found
* Reduce paddings & margins between previews
* Improve asset library Preferences UI

* Stroke offset towards camera.
* Custom Camera
* Trimming edges right at the image border

* various preview selection improvements
* Improve thumbnail loading speed
* Add 2D cursor overlay option
* Expose preview transform operators in menu

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