Blended Learning | AMAA 30 Mar 2021

MOE has introduced Blended Learning as a key part of the schooling experience for our Secondary School and JC/MI students to nurture self-directed and intrinsically motivated learners. What exactly is Blended Learning? What will it look like for your child? What are parents’ roles in it?

During our Facebook Live session, “Ask Me Anything About (AMAA) Blended Learning” on 30 March 2021, Director of Educational Technology at MOE, Mr Aaron Loh, and Programme Leader at Singapore Institute of Technology, Dr Jiow Hee Jhee, shared what Blended Learning will look like for students, what parents’ roles are and how they can promote cyber wellness at home.

00:00 Intro

05:04 [Direction of Blended Learning] What is the direction of blended learning and what are the outcomes?

10:14 [Our children’s media usage] Dr Jiow's findings

12:49 [Home-based Learning] How different is Blended Learning from Home-Based Learning (HBL)?

15:10 [Home-based Learning] What will the percentage of Blended Learning in curriculum year be?

16:11 [Managing screentime] What are some suggestion for parents to manage the children’s digital time?

21:29 [Pedagogies of Blended Learning] What are the changes to how lessons are being conducted?

24:48 [Implementation of Blending Learning in primary schools] Will Blended Learning be introduced to Upper Primary in Primary Schools as well?

29:24 [Components of Blended Learning] What are the components in Blended Learning?

33:08 [Differences from e-Learning] How is this different from e-Learning Day?

36:49 [Guiding our children in Blended Learning] How do parents guide children to participate effectively?

38:48 [Parent feedback on Blended Learning] Were parents consulted?

40:06 [Parent feedback on Blended Learning] – Parents are concerned about taking leave to monitor their child for Blended Learning; many parents think they need to be home for this.

41:31 [Blended Learning for graduating classes] Will the students taking O and A Levels begin Blended Learning in Term 3 as well?

43:56 [Understanding self-directed learning] Can you give an example of how self-directed learning would be?

46:43 [Managing digital usage for the future] Dr Jiow explains the importance of self-management skills as work environments change.

48:08 [Future of learning] Blended Learning is common in the universities; self-learning skills are crucial for workplaces and life.

49:42 [Personal Learning Devices for primary schools] Will primary school students get mobile devices like secondary school students so they can participate in Blended Learning?

51:52 [Role of technology in learning] Why do we need MOE and schools if kids can learn from the internet themselves?

53:41 [Supporting our children in Blended Learning] How can I help my child if he is not independent in Blended Learning?

55:15 [Student feedback on Blended Learning] My child and his classmates have shared positive feedback on Blended Learning.

58:36 Wrap-up

This video is a Facebook Live session recorded on 30 Mar 2021.
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