Blaze the Trail to Better Leadership

A Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship can help you, your staff and your business… you can even use your levy funds.

Aimed at managers or aspiring managers who would like to enhance their careers with a recognised qualification, you’ll find out about training opportunities via the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship programme.

Accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), this Degree Apprenticeship programme created in partnership with University of Worcester will develop leadership and management skills to maximise the talents of your organisation.

Learning Tailored to Individual Need
This programme enables you to remain in paid or voluntary employment throughout the degree, whilst the bite-sized blocks of learning are designed to fit in with your work and personal commitments.

This work-based learning approach enables you to:
• Complete study in applied aspects of leadership and management
• Conduct investigations in the workplace
• Propose work-based initiatives to make a difference to their organisation
• Improve the leadership and management skills

You will have two face-to-face sessions per month based at the College where you:
• Get to meet other like-minded managers from a variety of sectors - great for networking and sharing best practice
• Take part in role-playing management activities with other managers
• Access facilities and resources

• According to recent research 75% of SME’s identified lack of trained effective managers as the biggest threat to business growth.
• High performing companies have 80% management effectiveness. However, a recent survey found that 43% of managers were ineffective or highly ineffective.
• A combination of theory, practice and work-based application provides a practical solution to this critical business challenge.

• Average pay rise of £13k a manager as a result of becoming Chartered
• Each Chartered Manager boosts their business' revenue by £62k every year and £310k over 5 years
• A contribution to the economy of £22.4k is achieved from each manager who becomes Chartered.

This informal event is a great opportunity to meet our staff and find out more about this and other management and leadership programmes.

To find out more please email [email protected] or call 01922 651129.
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